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  • Family subscription for just $5 per month
  • Designed for 3-5 year old children
  • Unlimited access to 26 individual lessons
  • Taught by accredited Ready to Read teacher
  • All content in fluent Australian English
  • Sequential but flexible program
  • May be used in conjunction with Ready to Read classes, or to learn basic literacy skills remotely
  • Includes fortnightly literacy tips for parents sent via email
  • Covers a range of reading and writing skills – anywhere, anytime
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About Ready to Read On-Demand:


How do I subscribe?

The ‘click for instant access buttons on this page allow you to start the subscription process.  From there, complete the information to finalise your subscription. Click here to watch a video which demonstrates how to complete the subscription process.

I didn’t receive all three emails after I subscribed. What do I do?

After completing your subscription, you should receive the following three emails:

  1. Your receipt
  2. Your user name and password details
  3. A welcome email, detailing how to get the most out of the program

If you don’t receive all three emails, please check your spam/junk folder, right-click on the email and select ‘not junk’.  This will prevent our fortnightly literacy tips from ending up in the same folder!

How does this program differ from Ready to Read classes?

Ready to Read classes cover all aspects of literacy as part of an in-depth, sequential program, tailored to the individual needs of each student with the application of a range of teaching methodologies.  Ready to Read weekly classes also facilitate school readiness and involve personal teacher feedback and guidance.  Ready to Read classes are available in selected locations.

Ready to Read On-Demand includes many of the areas covered in Ready to Read lessons, adapted to an online environment.  Lessons last for a maximum of 15 minutes and are designed to give children the basic skills required in order to become competent readers.  It is flexible, self-paced and available anywhere, anytime.

Parents don’t have to choose just one option – many children utilise both (see Who can take part?).

How is Ready to Read On-Demand different to other online programs?

Ready to Read On-Demand is an Australian, non-animated, online early literacy program. Here are a few features which make our program unique:

  1. A great deal of educational content found online is non-Australian, at times resulting in children picking up different accents, vocabulary and methods of pronunciation.  The Ready to Read teacher featured in this program speaks with a fluent Australian accent and encourages the use of Australian terminology.
  2. Children are exposed to a wide range of animated games and programs, featuring computerised voices.  Our program is taught by a real teacher, using her real voice, as if the child is in a classroom environment.
  3. Our program encourages the development of the dynamic tripod pencil grip; and our downloads give children the opportunity to practise writing and letter formation, as guided by our teacher, in preparation for school.
  4. Fortnightly literacy tips are emailed to parents, allowing them to develop their child’s early literacy skills at home.

What is Ready to Read On-Demand?

The Ready to Read On-Demand program covers the basic skills that are essential in order for a child to become a competent reader.  Designed for 3-5-year-old children, this teacher-led program allows your child to progress at their own pace in any location, at a time which suits your family.  The 12-month subscription provides your family with unlimited access to all 26 individual lessons, with each lesson covering a letter of the alphabet.  (See What does each lesson include?)

Who can take part?

The Ready to Read On-Demand program is designed for children aged 3-5 years.  Subscribers may be:

  • Families who are unable to access Ready to Read classes due to location, class timing or other factors;
  • Families with children who are not yet the appropriate age to enrol in Ready to Read classes; or
  • Children who are currently enrolled in Ready to Read classes, in order to consolidate learning through the week (complimentary access to Ready to Read On-Demand is included with Ready to Read class enrolment).

Can I view the full version of Lah-Lah’s phonics song?

Yes – the Ready to Read phonics song, performed by Lah-Lah and Buzz of the Stripy Sock Club, is available in full at the bottom of the lesson menu.  Subscribers also have the option of streaming this song as an audio file, for when children are playing at home or travelling in the car.  This is in addition to relevant portions of the song being included in each lesson.  The song is only available through the On-Demand program.

How many lessons are included?

There are 26 individual lessons, one for each letter of the alphabet.  To get the most out of this program, we encourage you to follow the recommended order of the lessons; and allow sufficient time between each lesson to practise new skills (see also How do I get the most out of this program?).

How will my child benefit?

Understanding the basics of literacy and developing key skills in this area, will ensure that your child has a strong foundation to build upon, either at Ready to Read lessons, or once they start school.  This will allow them to become a more competent reader and writer once they enter school and beyond.

How many times can we watch each lesson?

You can stream the lessons as many times as you like during your 12-month subscription.  Each lesson is fun and engaging for children, so they may wish to view each lesson multiple times.

How do I view the lessons?

You can use either your computer, tablet, smart TV or smartphone to watch a lesson on any browser, using your unique login. Lessons, videos or audio files cannot be downloaded/saved, as copyright restrictions apply. Your welcome email will include a video which demonstrates how to access and navigate the lesson menu.

What does each lesson include?

Lessons are a maximum of 15 minutes in duration. Each lesson includes:

  • Story time, which covers vocabulary, concepts about print, phonological awareness and comprehension;
  • Phonemic awareness session which includes phonics and speech pathology methods;
  • Handwriting, which focuses on pencil grip and letter formation; and
  • Lah-Lah and Buzz from the Stripy Sock Club.

We also encourage physical movement such as crossing the midline, which helps with literacy development.

Is this different to what my child will learn at pre-school or school?

Explicit teaching of foundation literacy skills is not available consistently across pre-schools and child care centres in Australia.  The media has covered many stories about the statistics of children who start school behind and stay behind, as they commenced without the necessary skills to succeed. Developing basic literacy skills provides children with an advantage as they commence their schooling.

What personal information will you keep about me?

We will retain the information you provide during the subscription process; and will not share this information with any third party, for any purpose.

Can I pay by the month?

As we don’t keep credit card details on file, the subscription payment is made upfront in one transaction.

How do I provide feedback?

We will ask you for feedback from time to time.  If you wish to provide feedback outside of these requests, please email us at [email protected].  We encourage all types of feedback, so we can understand how children are using the program and what we can do to improve our offering.

Is On-Demand an animated program?

No. Ready to Read On-Demand lessons are led by a real, accredited Ready to Read teacher who speaks in fluent Australian English.  Our program also includes an exclusive phonics song, performed by Lah-Lah and Buzz from the Stripy Sock Club.

Is this program available as an app?

No – the program is comprised of 26 lesson videos, available in any browser. Children are encouraged to watch the lessons and follow the instructions (which at times ask children to engage in movement or to practise a physical skill). The interaction relates not to touch-screen technology but in the teacher speaking to the child and the child completing the tasks and developing their skills.

Does this program feature Australian accents?

Yes.  Every lesson is taught by an accredited Ready to Read teacher with a fluent Australian accent (see also How is Ready to Read On-Demand different to other online programs?)

How do I get the most out of this program?

In order to get the most value and benefit from Ready to Read On-Demand:

  • Children should view each lesson in its entirety at least once;
  • Lessons should be viewed in the recommended order, as the order of introduction of sounds is deliberate based on speech pathology insight;
  • Children should be seated at a desk or table for the handwriting component of the lesson, with the handwriting download printed, if possible;
  • Children will require a crayon or pencil during the handwriting component of the lesson, if possible, in order to learn the correct pencil grip and practise their handwriting; and
  • Parents are encouraged to view the lessons with their child whenever possible – by doing this, parents will learn tips and tricks to support their child’s learning with regards to sounds, concepts, letter formation and how to maximise the benefit of story time.

Who is Ready to Read?

Ready to Read is the provider of a unique, sequential early literacy program designed primarily for preschool-aged children.  Developed in 2001 in Sydney by experts in education and speech pathology, this award-winning program provides a solid foundation of literacy by combining the strongest predictors of literacy success based on research and evidence.

If my child is currently enrolled in a Ready to Read class, do I receive a discount?

All existing Ready to Read customers receive a complimentary subscription to On-Demand whilst their child is enrolled in a class, in order to consolidate learning.  This will happen automatically; no additional subscription is required.

When can I start?

You can access On-Demand from the moment you complete the online subscription process. You will receive a confirmation email which allows you to login.  Your subscription will be active for 12 months from the date that you join.

As a parent or carer, what is expected of me in terms of participation?

At Ready to Read, we believe that learning takes place through partnership.  This extends to the On-Demand program, where we recommend that you are involved in your child’s learning for best outcomes.  Viewing lessons with your child will provide you with additional tips and ideas that will help with your child’s literacy development.  If time or circumstances don’t allow for direct involvement, remaining supportive of your child’s learning is key.

For best results, we also ask that you print the downloadable handwriting workbook (available in the program), so children can work on their pencil grip and letter formation during each lesson (see also How do I get the most out of this program?).

What is expected of my child?

Children would benefit from completing at least a weekly lesson in the On-Demand program.  The program is fun and interactive; and at this age, fun is essential to learning!  Therefore, we encourage your child/ren to enjoy the lessons, repeat what they hear and follow the simple instructions.

Can I share my subscription with a friend?

No. Each subscription is designed for immediate use in the family home. Content of the On-Demand Program is copyright and cannot be shared with another user without permission and authorisation from Ready to Read. Detailed terms and conditions of use are available upon sign up.  Ready to Read has secured publisher permission to read the books included in the program; use outside of the program would violate copyright.

I have more than one child of an appropriate age for this program. Do I require a subscription for each child?

No. Our 12-month subscription is a family subscription, so your children may use the same unique family login.

We have a shared custody arrangement – does my child need a subscription for the other family home?

No, one subscription is sufficient.  Please share your family login with your child/ren’s other carers so they can enjoy the program anywhere, anytime.  Please note: There is a maximum number of devices which can be signed into a subscription at any one time – so logging out of the program on other devices may be required.

Can I use my subscription in a commercial, preschool, day care, or school setting?

We offer a special subscription package for businesses, schools and other service providers.  Please contact the Ready to Read head office to learn more.  As per the terms and conditions, personal/family subscriptions are for private family use only.

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