The importance of timing when it comes to literacy

By April 10, 2019 No Comments
The importance of timing when it comes to literacy | Ready to Read

We had the pleasure of contributing to a recent Ellaslist article about literacy. In particular, the article highlights the importance of timing when it comes to literacy.

There is a prevalent lack of awareness amongst parents about the benefits of early literacy and the options they have, which is set to exacerbate our already problematic literacy rates in Australia. However, the article mentions some initiatives to address the issue; and there are simple things that parents can do to start the journey towards literacy. For instance, it’s never too early to start reading books to your child; and yes, engaging in some early literacy activities to develop phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, handwriting and understanding of print concepts, goes a long way towards ensuring a child starts school ready to progress rather than set up to struggle.

Think of it as strapping on a helmet before riding a bike – a proactive approach can prevent a child from struggling at school and can therefore avoid all of the subsequent impacts on their confidence, self-esteem and behaviour.

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