Managing school holidays

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Managing school holidays

School holidays are an ironic concept. Parents enthusiastically celebrate the arrival of a break from routine, lunchboxes and uniform ironing, yet their conclusion is celebrated just as enthusiastically. This is because school holidays present just as many challenges as they do opportunities. On the one hand, the kids need to entertain themselves, work schedules need to be juggled… but it’s also such a great opportunity for the kids to relax and do something fun; and to spend some quality family time together!

Many parents are now looking to What’s On 4 Kids and local sources of information to tick all of these boxes. An increasing number of school holiday activities are available, many of which offer much more than the ability to have your child amused for a couple of hours. Activities available cover a broad spectrum from sports, music and creative arts, to cooking, robotics and everything in between. Parents who work outside of the home can rest assured that many activities run for a full day; and the quality of these activities has increased such that kids are likely to learn new skills as well as having fun.

A mix of free and paid activities are available, so having fun doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Whether it be a picnic in the park, a visit with family or friends, visiting an exciting indoor or outdoor venue, school holiday classes, camps or OSHC programs… there is something for everyone.

When your child starts kindergarten, try identifying a friend they’ve made and ask the parent if they’d like to book the same activity. This can provide your child with a familiar face during the activity and strengthen their budding friendship. It is also nice to get to know your child’s friends and their families.

Managing school holidays

For working parents, holidays can become a juggle. An increasing number of parents are choosing to ‘kid pool’ during school holidays – where a few parents will rotate having all of their children at once, with friends or relatives they trust. This is a great opportunity to take the kids to see a movie, or enjoy a fun group activity.

Planning ahead is the key to making the holiday break successful and memorable. Remember to also include some down time so the kids can get creative and just ‘play’ – and start the new term refreshed and ready to go.