7 ways to develop your pre-schooler’s literacy skills

By May 29, 2019 No Comments


When reading to your child, talk about what they can see in the picture first. This will add context when they try to decode words.


Teach your child the sound each letter makes, not just the name of the letter. Knowledge of letter sounds is essential for reading.


Read books together which contain rhyme – this helps develop your child’s phonological awareness, a key literacy skill.


Talk to your child as often as possible, engaging in two-way conversation. This will enhance their vocabulary.


Engage in craft activities such as threading beads onto string or squeezing pegs. This will ultimately help your child develop their pencil grip.


Together, clap the number of syllables you can hear in words – things you see, names of family members, etc. – this will develop their phonological awareness.


Use screen time as an opportunity to build your child’s literacy skills. Ready to Read On-Demand provides the foundation literacy skills children need, through fun lessons which can be streamed on any device.